Vizua’s high-performance server-based platform is a 3D image viewing, sharing and printing solution for professionals and consumers.

Vizua is a Seattle, Washington-based company founded by veteran executives in technologies that store, manage and display high-definition, 3D images for work and play. Vizua’s server technology shatters performance and collaboration limitations of other systems, and provides a full set of tools to integrate 3D features into any product or service.


A full range of tools can be used to view and manipulate 3D data. Vizua's unique approach reveals levels of detail within an object by giving tools to filter structures in an object by density. Data can be viewed from anywhere in the browser-based client.


Data and bookmarks can be securely shared with care providers and others. 3D movie fly-throughs and other tools allow Vizua to be used in educational applications or presentations.


Vizua has the ability to converd DICOM data into geometry and a 3D view suitable for printing. Print quotes can be provided before printed 3D objects are comissioned.


The Team

President - Sylvain Ordureau

Sylvan is the founder of UsefulProgress, a French company that develops new technologies for scanning, analysing, handling and storing high-definition 3D data. The research laboratory of the company is based in the University Paris Descartes where it develops solutions for sectors as diverse as medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, mining (diamonds), archeology and higher education. Working in close collaboration with hospital radiology centers, UsefulProgress is able to develop software and hardware solutions through its direct access to clinical expertise. In January 2010, UsefulProgress Canada Inc. was created in Montreal and now with the launch of Vizua Sylvain continues to expand his influence to new international markets.

COO - Ed Ventura

Ed has been an impassioned entrepreneur, business development executive and interactive entertainment brand and franchise expansion expert for over 20 years. Throughout a 14-year career with Microsoft, Ed oversaw the evolution of interactive entertainment as an impactful and significant facet of the industry giant's operations, including creative business development achievements totaling more than a quarter-billion dollars annual revenue. Ed's personal interest in medicine has led to corporate board membership of ISIS (UW Medicine's Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies). In addition, Ed funds a fellowship for UW Medicine's Autism Center to study prescription drug use and teaching assistance.

VP Business Development - Jean-Manuel Nothias

Jean-Manuel brings more than 20 years of experience in scientific research and medical technology innovation to his work on the Vizua team. While earning his masters degree in neuroscience at Drexel Medical School in Philadelphia, he directed research projects on 3D-reconstruction of neuronal networks and regenerative quantification. Prior to joining Vizua 2 years ago, Jean-Manuel led an international team innovating automation for a human islet cell transplantation clinical trial including in imaging processes, and led various medical informatics projects at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Jean-Manuel brings a critical global perspective and scientific innovation vision to the Vizua team, leveraging his knowledge, experience and extensive professional networks to generate business and open up new markets.

Special Advisor - George L. Rose

George L. Rose has been a part of the video game industry for almost two decades. George joined Activision, Inc. in the 1990s when the company was emerging from bankruptcy and has served in a variety of capacities, most recently as its Executive Vice President, Chief Public Policy Officer and Chief Legal Officer. During his career George oversaw a number of important deals in the industry history, including combination of Activision and Vivendi Games, resulting in Activision Blizzard, the largest video game company in the world. George is now retired and serves as Senior Consultant to Activision Blizzard CEO. George also formed The Rose Family Foundation devoted to the cause of using games and interactive software products in education, medicine and social matters. George serves on the Boards of the Call of Duty Foundation, a foundation advancing the cause of employment of veterans and is in the advisory capacity to Web Wise Kids, a foundation devoted to education of children in safe use of the Internet through gameplay. He is also an investor and is on the boards of Fingerprint Play and Eline Media, educational software companies, and Vizua 3D, a medical software company.

Prior to Activision, George was in private practice in Los Angeles with several prominent law firms, specializing in corporate entertainment law. He graduated from University of Michigan with a business degree and from Harvard Law School.